Voyager is an online platform that helps you to navigate through the complexities of art exhibition design, simplify the process and discover the new and exciting approach to visualisation and promotion.

If you are a gallerist, artist, educator or collector, Voyager has been designed specifically for you. The technology behind this beautiful design tool has been 12 years in the making. Knowledge gained from years of experience in art exhibition design, and collaborations with some of the world’s greatest art institutions, has inspired our team of engineers, designers and creative professionals to create Voyager.

Never before has a system of this quality and intuitive logic been available online for the art industry. Discover our comprehensive all-in-one platform for art inventory, design, layout, reporting, visualisation and exhibition promotion. Voyager will help you manage your collection and gallery space, as well as generate layout drawings for your hanging teams.

Features and Benefits

Our mission: to create an innovative, efficient, easy to use and powerful technology platform to enable you to streamline your gallery operations and promote your art within real world and metaverse settings.

Upload your art collection

Drag and drop artwork into the 3D gallery space

Align artwork on the walls horizontally and vertically

Create a grid of artworks for easier placement

Build temporary walls and plinths in any size

Paint walls and plinths with your own colour palette

Measure any two points within the scene

Hide 3D objects and walk through walls

Create vinyl text and add to a wall

Add 3D furniture and avatars to show scale

Export design floor plan and elevation reports

Create Virtual Tours for promotion and stakeholder review

Upload any room image to visualise with your collection

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